November Favourites!

November Favourites!

Hello everybody!

This time of year is just my absolute favourite. Cold, crispy mornings, twinkly lights, hot chocolate, warm scarves and gloves, fireworks, I love it all. I have so many favourites at this time of year so I’ve narrowed it down to a smaller number, a bit of a range of things! Hope you enjoy them.


Ecotools Make up Brushes

DSCN0583These brushes are simply amazing. I swear by them and haven’t found any that even come close. The bamboo handle is smooth, the bristles are so soft they feel amazing. The aluminium ferrules is recycled, and the are 100% cruelty free.


Sleek Blush Palette

DSCN0585 DSCN0586

The palette I have is called ‘Lace’ which has two intense matte shades; a coral and a bright red, and one rich shimmer which is a pinky colour. When looking for a new blush I wanted something really pigmented and relatively cheap, this palette is perfect. I wear this during the day but can also dress this up for night time make up.

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Varnish in Rapid Ruby


I got this nail varnish from my best friend as part of a Christmas box of goodies while I was in Australia. The colour just screams Christmas. I love to wear dark jeans with a chunky knit scream scarf and my black coat with red nails, it’s so wintery.

Bourjois Intense Extrait 01 – Biege Dore

DSCN0595 DSCN0596

I love love love this eyeshadow. It is so shimery and perfect to illuminate your eyes. It brings out the blue in my eyes, which is why I love it, and the fact that once applied, my makeup is transformed. I love this when going out for dinner to add a little more shimmer, but you can really go to town with this too. A staple eyeshadow for me.

MAC lipstick in ‘Plumful’


This lipstick is my absolute favourite at the moment. The plum colour is perfect for Winter and it brings out the brightness and colour in my face without washing me out. I also feel like some red lipsticks tend to make teeth look slightly yellow. This plum colour makes my teeth look nice and bright!

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Nourising Mask Balm


A lot of people talk about the summer drying out your hair, I find that my hair feels drier in the Winter. A combination of blowdrying my hair, straightening it and tying it up makes my ends dry and easily split. This mask is very affordable and I have found it really works. I left it in my hair for five minutes, and the result was soft smooth hair, it feels more voluminous and hydrated. A must have.

Sticky Toffee Latte – Costa


I won’t say much about this, just that I am now addicted.



Most people know I am an avid baker and spend most weekends baking something. This month has been no different. Last weekend I made a carrot cake but my favourite cake was the cupcake bouquet I made for my Mum’s birthday. I made chocolate cupcakes with a golden buttercream, piped on in a rose style and I made some leaves with green icing. I am so proud of myself, and I keep baking and improving; one day I might make a living from it!

What have been your favourites over November?

Have you tried or bought any of these products and what do you think?


 Sophie xxx


Hooray For The Weekend!

Hooray For The Weekend!


I just love weekends. My weeks are always crazy busy with work and commuting so as soon as Friday night hits I can feel a wave of happiness rush over me. That feeling when you finish work and skip out f the door with pure joy on your face. I just love the weekend.

This weekend I knew I would be fairly busy so I had a very chilled Friday night planned. Recently I moved back home (I’ve lived away for six years) so I’m still adjusting to being back with my family but our house is very laid back and we tend to spend Friday nights relaxing with a takeaway and a film. I like to pamper on a Friday night so I put on the Soap and Glory Fab Pore 2 in 1 pore purifying mask and peel and painted my nails. I then used the No.7 Essential Moisture night cream and snuggled in my blanket with a cup of tea. Perfect.

On Saturday I woke up naturally at 8:30am. I cannot tell you how glorious I felt and I still feel it slightly as I type this on Monday; that’s how glorious it was. Through the working week I wake up on average between 5:30am and 7am, torn away from my slumber by my wretched alarm. So just the idea of waking up when my body is ready is a distant dream. TODAY IS A WONDERFUL DAY. I got ready and drove an hour and a half to one of my best friend’s parent’s house for her little boys first birthday.

I had a great time, and Travis looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself, surrounded by family, friends and presents! The spread was beautiful and the cakes were amazing! We sang happy birthday and I had a lovely catch up with my friends, some I see a lot, some not so often so it was a great chance to talk and have a laugh together.

1800238_10154731060905232_5570261150013588247_n 10270397_10154731061455232_6172674787192763244_n

From there I drove to my best friend Laura’s house. It’s like a second home for me, so as soon as I step in the door I feel completely at ease. We watched Beyonce- Life is But a Dream and had a little gossip; and then we made a carrot cake. The recipe is good old Mary Berry: the recipe is here.

Laura’s boyfriend James cooked a delicious sausage pasta bake yummy and then we iced the carrot cake. We then spent the evening watching X factor, drinking tea and eating our carrot creation. I am so gutted we were so excited to eat it I didn’t get a photo! It looked just like Mary Berry’s… promise! So after eating lots of cake I drove home, singing along to the Wicked soundtrack all the way.

Baking organised chaos

Sunday morning was spent lying in bed, drinking tea and watching Frozen. Love that film! I’m so excited to spend Wintery weekends snuggled in blankets with candles lit, hot chocolate and Wintery Christmas films. Does anybody else store their stash of Christmas films and keep them locked away until October when the urge is just too great to hide them anymore? I am barely able to contain myself with excitement right now, winter is my favourite season. Eep!

The rest of Sunday I spent baking some lovely cakes. I’ll do a separate blog post with the recipe, it was a scrummy one!

What is your idea of a perfect weekend?


(P.s in this photo I’m wearing the MAC lipstick in ‘plumful’, my new fave, perfect for the coming season!

Sophie xxx

My Favourite Lip Products <3

My Favourite Lip Products <3


Hello again!


As a self confessed latecomer to beauty, I have found a new love for lip products. When I say latecomer, in all honesty Ijust haven’t been hugely fussed with make up in general until about a year and a half ago, when I discovered a world of wonder, and from then I have never looked back.

I have grown to love watching beauty hauls and tutorials on youtube, and maybe if my passion grows I’ll branch out and give it a go myself. But for now, I thought I would review some of my favourites and also invite other beauty bloggers to let me know what some of your favourites are! My favourites are all relatively bright, so in a couple of months I’ll write about some great Autumn/Winter lip products.


  1. Rimmel Moisture Renew – 660 In Love With Ginger

    I absolutely love this lipstick; it’s really pigmented and lasts for ages, as well as making my lips look moisturised and bright. If you are after a lipstick that is more glossy, go for this one. The colour is incredible, it’s a red with a slightly orange tint. This is one of my go to colours for a night out, slightly more daring than the classic red.

  2. Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush – 130 I Want Candy

    This is the one I always have in my handbag – quite a bright barbie pink lippy, which is more of a colourful balm/gloss. I love that I can just whip it on and the colour stays for a quite a while before having to re –apply. If you have paler skin this shade may wash you out so I would stick to a lighter shade, however my skin is relatively pale and I feel I can pull this off!

  3. Benefit Lip Plush – Dandelion

    This lip gloss is a great nude with a slightly coral undertone; it gives your lips that little blast of subtle colour to brighten them up. I reall love the benefit glosses, and this one is a good day gloss, quite dewy and it stays for hours.

  4. Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker XL Extreme Plump

    This is a lipgloss every girl needs in their life. I have been a faithful follower of this for as long as I can remember. From the second I apply this clear gloss I can feel that magical tingling in my lips and can instantly see my lips are fuller and more plump – wonderful for me as I’m not blessed with naturally plump lips. If you do not own or have not tried this – I recommend it.

  5. MAC Amplified Lipstick – Morange A53

    Another fabulous product. The colour is really pigmented and lovely and bright! This lipstick is more matte so if you are looking for a glossy look, apply some clear gloss over the top of this one. I adore this lipstick and I am confident it will remain one of my favourites for a very long time!


If you have a favourite lip product please let me know about it, I’d love to try some more, and I would love to hear more reviews.



Love Soph xx