Running 10k For Gran

Running 10k For Gran

Hey guys!

This post is a little bit different because it’s not really in keeping with my love for topics such as tea and baking lovely sweet treats but I hope you’ll stick with me!


After my Gran passed away, I have been dabbling with the idea of raising money for The Stroke Association. My Gran had four strokes during the later years of her life, these massively affected her way of living, and for the last 13 years she was living in a residential home. After her first massive stroke she lost the ability to walk, talk and write as well as losing her independence. She went from living in her own bungalow to living in a home requiring constant care and support. She needed somebody to write her letters and cards for her, which was a huge blow as she loved to write to all of her friends and family. Over the years she recovered somewhat, unfortunately suffering from some additional smaller strokes. This resulted in her living with an underlying fear of ‘when will the next one come?’ And her anxiety meant she didn’t want to leave the home, she only felt safe there. Thankfully, my Gran was always happy, full of joy and smiles, she loved her life and the staff at the residential home adored her just as much as we did. She is a true hero in my eyes.

My memories are so full of wonderful times spent with my Gran, baking, walking in the fields, picking blackberries, eating fish and chips, spending every Friday night of my childhood with her and my sister watching Corrie and Strange But True, making all kinds of yucky mixtures and potions with anything we could find in her cupboards, and pretending we were grownups playing fancy dress in her clothes.


I want her to be proud of me, and I also want to challenge myself to do something I’ve never done before. So I’ve signed up to run The Bupa London 10k on 30th May 2016, for The Stroke Association.

I’ll be blogging my training, from day one all the way to race day, it’s going to be a long journey but one I am so ready for! So this is my pledge, and for those who know me, you know how hard this will be for me, so please feel free to donate and support this amazing charity, and the thousands of people who are living after a stroke.

I will be posting meal ideas, training plans, gadgets, ideas for running gear you name it, so if there is anything you would be interested to read about let me know J It will be fun to see my progress down the line!

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For now,

Sophie xx


The Benefits of Green Tea

The Benefits of Green Tea


Hello everybody!

So recently I’ve started what can only be called a change of lifestyle; I’ve joined Slimming World and I am making a conscious effort to lose weight. I’m on week three so once there is a significant change I’ll blog about it 🙂

One thing I’ve really got into during my ‘lifestyle change’ (I refuse to say diet) is introducing healthy foods and drinks into my daily routine, and so I’ve started drinking more green tea. I have always loved green tea (along with all other types of tea) but ever since reading lots of different things stating the different benefits of green tea I’ve made it part of my life. This post is a celebration of all things green tea.

Quick bit of information for those tea lovers, all tea is produced from the Camellia sinensis plant. The fresh leaves are steamed to produce green tea, whereas other types of tea go through a fermentation stage. Green tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, to treat literally anything, from a headache to a more serious condition. They’ve definitely got the right idea!

Some of the benefits:

It contains B vitamins, potassium, folate (naturally occurring folic acid), magnesium and caffeine.

It has anti-inflammatory qualities, proven to reduce skin damage and improve wrinkles, as well as sun damage.

It lowers the risk of diabetes.

It kills bacteria; improving dental health and the risk of infection.

It burns fat; improving physical performance and boosting weight loss.

The natural caffeine improves brain performance, and is linked to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

It combats cardiovascular disease.

It reduces cholesterol.

I’m sure there are many other benefits people who drink green tea have found, and there are many websites with information!

Having made this a part of my daily routine I can say I feel much more alert, my bloating has reduced and I feel happier which I know is part of my routine becoming more active as well, but I know green tea has played a huge part. I also suffer from a bit of anxiety and I feel like that has definitely improved. Whether that be the actual tea or the physical affects is making my mind a lot calmer and positive, either way I’m feeling really happy these days.

I would love to hear if anybody else has felt the benefits of green tea, or if they don’t feel them or disagree, so get in touch with your thoughts 🙂

Speak soon,

Sophie xxx


Teaday Tuesday!

Teaday Tuesday!


Hello everybody 🙂

As I was in the health shop I came across this little treasure and I’m so glad I decided to try it!

One of my favourite flavours is coconut, so you can imagine my glee when I saw this tea sitting on the shelf much like a queen sitting in her throne.

It’s Green tea with coconut!


As described on the packaging, this tea is an ‘exotic combination of green tea and coconut with delicate lychee’.

When I first brewed the tea, I wasn’t hugely impressed by the scent it gave off, I couldn’t detect the coconut it had promised me. But like all tea, the taste is always so different to the smell.

What I found was this tea was soft, smooth and full of different flavours, all so delicate they weren’t overpowering.

I loved that I could taste coconut ever so gently, and I could taste the lychee which was very subtle. This tea made me feel warm inside and comforted, like I had a big fluffy blanket warming me right to my insides. Normally I stick to green tea in summer but this is definitely an all rounder.

I can even say that this tea has so many health benefits which all tie into green tea.

Just a couple of benefits of green tea:

  • metabolism speeds up
  • contains antioxidants and so detoxes your body
  • soothes acne
  • natural caffeine gives you energy

So give it a whirl, it’s worth it! And so cheap at £3!

Let me know if you have ever tried a tea with a coconut flavour, I’m intrigued to see if there are more gooduns!


Sophie xx