Back to Blogging – Few random bits!

Back to Blogging – Few random bits!

Hello everybody!

Wow- I can’t even begin to describe how busy I have been the past couple of weeks; work, university work, and to top it off I have had the worst cold in the history of mankind over the week I was due a huge deadline.

But I am alive to tell tale and that is the important thing. I’ve come to realise that even in the toughest times as long as you have a smile on your face and keep reminding yourself what you are working so hard for, anything is possible. This may have been a tough, stressful and horrid few weeks but I can now say I have had a huge amount of happy moments.

10312663_10154940177855232_7488213640519505616_nI made a badass carrot cake.

1377288_10154940177590232_6149416367098999312_n 10653548_10154940177700232_7435444098161816039_n

I  have managed to spend a lovely few days with my Mum drinking Christmas drinks and enjoying the lovely bacon, brie and cranberry panninis Costa have to offer! (I highly recommend!)


I put up my Christmas tree in my room woohoo! I also put up my favourite Christmas decoration and it made me all nostalgic; I hold Sydney, Australia very close to my heart and putting this decoration up bought back some unforgettable amazing memories.


Yes fog is an absolute nightmare, but I just love this weather. I get up very early for work due to a long commute so it’s mostly dark when I leave and dark when I return. But it all adds to the Wintery feeling, the twinkly lights are so lovely they make me smile every time 🙂

10173719_10154940244510232_7135222098134635476_n 10407762_10154940244670232_8402061184173339407_n 10525746_10154505213720232_7567052394785119431_n

On top of all my long tiring work days followed by hours of writing up my assignments I love to have a snuggle with my little chum Molly. She is quite possibly the love of my life. Ha.

I’ve probably spent most of my rest time in  bed/in my pyjamas and at last I feel like the stress has lifted slightly, and I can start to actually blog again! On Friday I went out with the girls for a curry, I then spent an absolute fortune over the weekend buying Christmas presents too oops!

I also found out my blogger pair for A Piece of Viola‘s Christmas Blogger Swap and I’m excited to get to know her and hopefully get her a lovely present 🙂 Anyone else who is signed up to this let me know!

And finally I promise to do another Teaday Tuesday ❤



Sophie xxxx

Ten Sentences That Changed My Perspective on Life

Ten Sentences That Changed My Perspective on Life

Hello everybody,

Having gone through some pretty tough times recently, one thing that has given me a bit of strength is looking at the quotes I believe have altered or affected my life in some way. Through relationships breaking down, my lovely Granny being in hospital and huge changes in terms of moving back to my parent’s house, now is as good a time as ever to remind myself of how great life can be.


‘Always remember that, nine times out of ten, you probably aren’t having a nervous breakdown, you just need a cup of tea and a biscuit.’

‘You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.’


‘Time heals everything. Give it time.’

‘It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself.’


‘If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.’



I truly believe in channeling your emotions and turning whatever you feel – anger, sadness, grief, frustration amongst so many other feelings, into positive thoughts. Granted these quotes have not been the sole reason I am feeling particularly happy right now, but I feel they have helped me prioritize what is important in my life. I have also been thoroughly enjoying hour long commutes to work singing the Taylor Swift ‘1989’ album; the ultimate break up record, I have been drinking copious amounts of tea, baking and eating yummy cakes, and smothering and surrounding myself with family and friends.

 10731059_10154833871825232_8323813646657840157_n 10502073_10154833875705232_879347561817980038_n 10426729_10154833873930232_4750968039570394038_n 10653850_10154833875280232_2851984196898719192_n 10373635_10154833874815232_7715269617774359448_n

Here’s to happiness.


Sophie xxx


Leibster Award <3

Leibster Award <3


Yay, look an award!

Thank you so much to the wonderful Alice of Strange Made Me you have made my Monday so much better!

I love reading Alice’s blog; it’s beaut so I ask all my fab blog friends go check her out!

For those of you who are new to the Leibster award, here are the rules:

  1. Display the Liebster Award logo on your blog
    2. Thank and link back to the person who has nominated you
    3. List 11 facts about yourself
    4. Answer the 11 questions they have posted
    5. Create 11 questions to ask
    6. Choose your own nominations

The 11 facts:

  1. I find few things more satisfying than a cup of tea. I like mine milky!
  2. I love to knit. Scarves at the moment but I am building up my knowledge.
  3. I am a Deputy Manager of a nursery working full time and also doing a postgraduate alongside it, while commuting almost an hour each way every day. I couldn’t be happier.
  4. I love to spend Sunday’s at my best friend’s house where we watch films, drink tea and gossip.
  5. I am an avid baker, and aspire to go on the Great British Bake Off! I am always looking for bloggers who love to bake.
  6. I am currently growing my hair, which seems to be taking an age.
  7. I have seen Beyonce in concert three times, and it still isn’t enough.
  8. When I was young, during a family holiday in Wales, I slipped in a rock pool and barbed wire went straight through my foot.
  9. Rhubarb makes me projectile vomit.
  10. I love dinosaurs.
  11. I tend to get grumpy and irrational when I’m hungry. Doesn’t everyone?!


  1. What do you like to blog about? I want my blog to be a reflection of myself and my interests; so that includes tea, baking, beauty, hobbies. I love to blog and then read about other peoples’ lives, I find the idea of friendships through shared interests on a blogging platform lovely.
  2. What’s the story behind your blog? I needed somewhere to escape to, to empty my thoughts and to create a project that was separate to my huge focus on all things career at the moment. I felt lonely at the time, and endlessly scrolled through blogs. Seeing how happy other bloggers feel through penning down their thoughts and feelings really inspired me to do the same.
  3. Where are you from? Born in Derby, I moved to Uttoxeter when I was 4. Lived in Nottingham from 18-25, now I am back in Uttoxeter while I juggle work and studies.
  4. What’s your No 1 place to visit? Brighton. Or Edinburgh. Or London.
  5. Who inspires you? My Mum. My best friend Laura. Beyonce. My manager. Taylor Swift. Medical staff, particularly those who work on A&E and midwives. Childcare practitioners.
  6. What is the one goal you are working towards? Becoming an Early Years Teacher.
  7. What is your dream bag? The classic black quilted Chanel bag.
  8. What is your all time favourite book? I LOVE Birdsong. And anything by Chris Manby. I also adore a book I have called ‘How to be Interesting’.
  9. Can you speak more than one language? Nah, but I can speak a bit of French, oui.
  10. What is currently your favourite song? Taylor Swift ‘Out of the Woods’. In fact, I just got the album and it is AMAZING.
  11.  If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be? BEYONCE. And if this means people who are not with us anymore, my Auntie June, I would do anything to see her again. ❤


My 11 questions:

  1. What is your biggest aspiration in life?
  2. Why did you choose to blog?
  3. Which people do you most admire?
  4. What is the theme of your blog?
  5. What would your dream job be?
  6. What is your happiest memory?
  7. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
  8. What is the top thing on your bucket list?
  9. Are you a morning or an evening person?
  10. What is on your Christmas list?
  11. What is your favourite quote?

I’m nominating:


Little Laura

My Style Pages

Bows and Blush



Sophie xxx


Tea Day Tuesday!

Tea Day Tuesday!


Hello everybody!

I must apologise for the absence of Tea Day Tuesday last week; I was going through one of the busiest weeks of my life, with uni and work and general life I just couldn’t fit it in! However, we’re back with a bang and hopefully this will be a nice one and we’ll forget about that missed week.

So the weekend just gone I happened to go to London to see a very dear person in my life, and each time I visit we always end up drinking copious amounts of tea and eating lots and lots of yummy things. Through my visits to London over the years we’ve done so many touristy things but when asked what I wanted to do this weekend, I instantly said ‘Harrods!’

I just love to go to Harrods. We had so much fun walking around browsing the luxuries. I got a cheeky little lipstick from MAC and we spent what seemed like forever in the Christmas store! Once we felt we’d had enough we headed to the Tearoom for a cuppa.

With some renowned ‘Afternoon Tea’ places in London you would be lucky to drop in without booking. However we waited for about five-ten minutes and were soon seated. Even while we were waiting it felt like the staff were looking after us, they handed us menus, talked about the cakes available and reassured us we wouldn’t wait for long. I for one really appreciated that.

Now I can’t sit here and write about the full Afternoon tea package as we only had a pot of tea. But the people sat around me had some lovely things! A trio of American housewives were enjoying a gossip over champagne afternoon tea with sandwiches, scones and fancies. A couple of friends were enjoying a catch up whilst sharing a sticky toffee pudding which looked incredible. A mother and son were sharing a choice of fancies and caught me staring more than once with my mouth open!

If you want to have a sneak peek at the menu look here.

I went for a traditional English Breakfast tea and my my, it was beautiful. Brewed to perfection and presented in silverware, I don’t really have much more to say. I thoroughly enjoyed the tea and while I love all kinds of flavours, the traditional tea was the perfect choice. The value for money is good, I think you are paying for not only the quality of the product but the fantastic service. I couldn’t help but think that while the Tearoom was full the whole time, the staff were engaging, welcoming and catered for every need of all I could see, some needs a lot higher than others.


Have a look at the website here and whether you are local or not, I would highly recommend a visit!

You can also buy Harrods tea here.

If you have ever experienced Afternoon Tea at Harrods, in  London, or anywhere you really loved, please let me know I am always looking for places to visit. And if you enjoyed this post leave a comment  🙂

See you soon,


Sophie xxx

20 Facts About Me

20 Facts About Me

Hello again ❤

As I sit here on my lonesome on a Friday Night I was dabbling with the idea of writing a blog post, and I realise that while I happily write here and assume people know all about me, I haven’t shared much about myself! So here’s 20 facts about me.

1. I am 25 years old.

2. I have never broken a bone.

3. I feel like I can honestly say if you are part of my small friendship group, I am fiercely loyal.

4. I get anxious about ridiculous things, and worry way too much about what people think of me.

5. I am very close to my family, they are my favourite people, including all our animals 😛


6. My favourite film is Hercules, the Disney one.

7. I will drink tea over any other beverage. Ever.

8. In 2012 I spent six months in Sydney, Australia working as an Au Pair. The friends I made there are friends for life. They got me through so much and I will look back at our time together with a warm heart.

524583_10153533817940232_614276285_n 554094_10152277767910232_1132509821_n

9. My car is called Claude.

10. I would rather spend a night eating amazing food either in or at a restaurant than have a night out.

11. I absolutely love to bake.

12. I am training to be an Early Years Teacher.

13. I  love to knit.


14. I love to read – mostly romantic stories. or cookbooks.

15. When I was little I did a handstand at school, my arm caved in underneath me and I landed on my face. I looked like two face. Thank goodness it didn’t scar!

16. Rhubarb makes me projectile vom.

17. I adore Beyonce.

18. I paint, and if I love you, I’ve probably painted something for you.

19. I was called Phoebe when I was born, then it changed to Sophie. My mum calls me a combination of the two: Spheeb.

20. I am addicted to beauty and lifestyle blogs and love the community, and I would love to make some life long friends here 🙂

All the people who read this I challenge you to write 20 facts about yourself!


Sophie xxx