Hello Again…

Hello Again…


Hey guys!

I cannot believe the last time I posted was AUGUST. So much has happened since then; both good times and some maybe not so good, but now is time to get back on it. I have spent so much time thinking ‘oh I really must get back into my blog’, and life has just happened. So I apologise for that, I’m back 🙂

While I sit in my bed with a hot cup of tea I thought this would be the perfect time to look over my goals for the past year and review where I am so far. If anyone had told me this year would have gone the way it did I wouldn’t have believed them.


So… if you want to look at my post in January here it is

It’s so interesting to look back, this is one of the many reasons I love blogging. Do any of you guys do this, read back through old posts and get a little nostalgic? I love a bit of reminiscing.


So let’s have a look how I have done with my goals.


‘2015 is the year I complete my Post Graduate degree and (fingers crossed) become an Early years Teacher.’

I did it! I completed my EYTS in August woop! I worked so hard and it was all worth it, I was graded Outstanding which is unbelievable!

‘It will also be the year I truly focus on my blog, attend bloggers events and interact with my fellow bloggers!’

I have to be honest and say my blog took the back seat this year, and while I have made some amazing friends from blogging, I want to attend more events and meet my blogging friends next year.

‘I am also really hopeful that 2015 will be the year I feel a bit more settled, and spend more time with loved ones.’

Sadly this hasn’t really been the case. I lost two members of my family this year, which has been really tough on us all. It’s horrid how grief can affect you. I also had a really tough few months from September to November, and so I haven’t really felt settled at all. However, I feel so positive now I have had the time to grieve and restart, I feel secure in my relationship and my friends and family are just so wonderful! Here is to 2016.

‘I want to look back and see that 2015 was a pivotal year in my life in terms of career path. The year that I set my own challenges and surprised myself. I also want 2015 to be the year I embraced the people/things I love.’

I definitely see 2015 as a pivotal year in my life, although not how I thought it would be at all. I feel that due to shit (excuse my language but sometimes no other word will do) going on, I really have learnt about who I need in my life, as well as what I need to do to keep them in my life.

Rather than focus on work, work, work, for me, my lifestyle is what is important. My happiness. I work to live, not live to work. This next year is all about saying yes to new experiences, not being afraid to go for what I want, and being proud of who I love.


‘What is your number one goal for 2015?

Be a total badass, work hard, and play harder.’


I will carry this forward into 2016, I will continue to be a total badass.




In January I will be posting all of my new year’s resolutions, I can’t wait to read all of yours!

How do you think your 2015 has gone?

Was it how you expected it to be? Any surprises?


Sophie xxx



Ways to Manage Stress

Ways to Manage Stress

Hello everybody!

Firstly I must apologise for my loooong absence. I am so close to the end of my Postgrad and will soon be an Early Years Teacher! Juggling that and a full time job as well as a bloody long commute has absolutely fried me, and any spare time I have is used to sleep. Amongst the chaos and stress of this time in my life I was hugley privileged to watch one of my best friends marry the love of her life. So congrats to you two Beth and Kev, it was a truly amazing day and night 🙂 Here are a few lovely photos:

10906249_10153282511604861_5213400816420131927_n11037181_10155580228900232_7846613508329126438_n  11061247_10153266447595692_6895003836801609558_n

So aside from a few wonderful moments in the last few months I have probably been the most stressed out I have ever been in my life. At times I have felt very overwhelmed and felt like I have been almost at breaking point over the amount of things I am juggling. And then it happened. The panic attack. Now there are people who may read this who have had panic attacks and know what I mean, or they may experience something different, but I’ll explain a little about my experience.

Driving to work I had managed to do the entire hour long journey, and when I was around the corner from work I started to feel dizzy, fuzzy headed. I have been known to faint in the past and it felt a little like that so I tried not to focus on it and sang very loudly to the radio. I managed to pull into the work carpark and run inside the building where I sat in the office. Suddenly my chest felt tight and I could’t get my breath. Panicking, I started to struggle to breathe, and in my head I kept thinking ‘I’m going to die.’ From talking to other people who have suffered from panic attacks, this seems quite common. I ran to get a colleague and shouted for help, all while sobbing uncontrollably. She said afterwards my face went blue, then red, then white as the blood drained from my face. I sat down and started to get my breath back as she talked to me and calmed me down. Then it was over.

I hope I never suffer from a panic attack ever again, but to me it was a much needed reality check that I was putting way too much pressure on myself, and I needed to do something to try and manage the stress I was under.

Rather than talk about my work load, I’ll tell you about some strategies I’ve been working on to help me manage the stressed out, overwhelmed feeling.

1. Get enough sleep.
I try to get between 7-9 hours sleep per night, exhaustion never works for anybody.

2. Exercise.
In my small amounts of spare time I go for walks with my sister in the countryside, as a way to clear my head. I force myself to switch off from work and enjoy the smells, sounds and sights of the beautiful landscape around me.
I also try to do yoga. Don’t take me for a yoga expert, I watch youtube videos, which are amazing. If you’re curious, try Yoga with Adrienne, she is so calming and really knows her stuff.


3. Drink lots of water
Water detoxes the system, and when you’re stressed, you need a clear mind and body, free of toxins. Make sure you have a bottle of water with you at all times, I like to put a bit of squash in mine, then I drink more!

4. Cut down on caffeine
I am a HUGE tea fan as you all know, and so now I switch to decaf tea when I’m at home. In our house the kettle is always boiled or boiling so I was drinking a lot of caffeine which sends the heart crazy and can cause palpitations!

5. Have a healthy diet
Eat lots of greens, and try to cut out high sugary fatty foods, as well as alcohol. I feel so much better when I’ve had lots of fruit and veg.

6. Do what makes you happy
I like to sing, it doesn’t mean I’m good at it, but a 75 mile commute means I have lots of time to belt out my favourite tunes. Just call me Beyonce 🙂

Glastonbury Festival 2011 - Day 4

7. Meditate
I downloaded an app called Calm, it’s a meditation app and has lots of natural sounds while a lovely lady helps you to relax and find your centre. Give it a go if you’re into that kind of thing!


If you have any other strategies or ideas to manage stress and keep calm, I would love to hear from you! Just comment below or email me on sophie_deacon@hotmail.co.uk and I will make a compilation post with all of your contributions.

Stay happy,

Love Sophie xxx


Mini Haircare Haul!

Mini Haircare Haul!

BeFunky Collage

Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a relaxed and chocolatey Easter weekend 😀

I thought I’d share with you just a few haircare bits and bobs I got recently, let me know if you’ve tried any or you prefer something else, also if you’ve done a haircare review or haul, send me the link so I can read please 😀


Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo – Uplifting Volume

Ooh this is a goodun, I (like most girls) am always looking for a good dry shampoo that not only works but smells nice. There are so many more to choose from nowadays and this is one I’ve had a couple of times. It has a citrus like smell, without smelling gross, and I always get whiffs of it throughout the day. It does what I expect it to; makes my hair look clean. Also, unlike some others I have tried; there isn’t huge amounts of white powder to brush out which means if you’re in a rush, this is a good one to consider.

 V05 Ultimate Hold Hairspray

Just because I’m not keen on the heat defence spray does not mean I don’t like any V05 products, because this hairspray is badass. I know a lot of people LOVE the Tresemmé hairspray which I agree is awesome; but I loooove this! Smells amazing, holds the hair for a very long time. I work very long days and it stays all day and for that I adore it. It also gives my hair a nice shine without making it lok greasy which always works for me.

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo

So this product I bought as my hair is looking slightly brassy (perks of platinum highlights) and while I take care of my hair sometimes it needs a bit of a toner to bring out the ashy tones and eliminate the brassy ones. It is bright purple which is a bit scary, and you should only use it a couple of times a week to ensure your hair is protected. I will do a review on this product as I know a lot of bloggers looking for a good toner!

Tresemmé Care and Protect Heat Defence Styling Spray

This is my go to heat defence spray. The first time I used this was when my previous housemate used it and the bathroom smelled glorious. Since then, it has been my loyal friend. Relatively cheap the bottle lasts for ages and only needs a couple of sprays to protect your locks. I did dabble with the V05 version of this but no matter what I try, this one is always my fave. Stick to what suits you!

Boots Coconut and Almond Leave in Conditioner

Ok girls, if you are a sucker for that gorgeous coconut/almond smell; buy this product. I haven’t tried it yet so I will feedback in terms of results. But jeez; the smell is INCREDIBLE. It has that gorgeous beachy scent, takes me on holiday as soon as I smell it. And it is an absolute BARGAIN at under £1.50. Go buy it, go!

Let me know if you have any great haircare products you’ve always used or that you’ve newly discovered!
And also, any blondes out there that have any recommendations for toner shampoo/silver saver I would love to hear from you!

Lots of love,

Sophie xx


What To Do On The First Date

What To Do On The First Date


As a single 25 year old woman, the idea of a committed, settled relationship really appeals to me. Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy, my life is good, I love my job, my family, my friends but there are times when I wish I had somebody by my side to share my experiences with.

To get to that stage I have to get through the unpredictability and excitement of ‘dating’.

So this post is to all my fellow single ladies out there, with a bit of advice I’ve learnt particularly about that very first date.

Where should the first date be?

Steer clear of ‘interview’ dates. These include going out for dinner or a drink at a bar. With these types of dates typically you are sitting opposite your date and it naturally turns into both parties throwing questions at each other. You don’t want to interrogate your date, you want to get to know them!
Go for a stroll, go to a museum, crazy golf; pick somewhere you can walk and talk at the same time at a leisurely pace. The first date is all about a shared experience between the two of you, and the connection. Make memories together from the first date.

Talk about yourself but don’t forget your manners

Accept compliments and feel free to talk about your achievements, but remember to keep the share of attention equal between the two of you. Be polite and considerate; make your date feel welcomed and feel like they can confide in you.


Dates are supposed to be fun, so don’t worry if you accidently drop your drink. As long as you can laugh about it and don’t make too big a deal and get embarrassed, your date will see how relaxed you are. Remember you’re human, and it’s probably not half as dramatic as you think!

Body Language

Experts say you decide if you are attracted to someone on that first date. More specifically, in the first few minutes. Body language plays a huge part in this. Open up; don’t cross your arms, smile and talk with your hands. You will appear approachable and welcoming, making himfeel much more relaxed. Mirror his body language; if he tucks his hair behind his ear, do the same but subtly. Mirroring body language comes across as complimentary of his actions, they always say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Be Positive

A positive attitude is the most important thing to take with you on your first date. Don’t forget to smile! Pay your date compliments; ask questions and act interested if you are. Talk about things you have in common; remember if the emotional connection is there it will become obvious and you won’t have to force anything.

Saying goodbye

If you want to see them again, let them know. Forget the ‘rules’; ask him on another date! If you are interested, don’t end it on a hug, have a cheeky kiss. Let it happen. Your actions on the first date will establish whether this is a romantic connection and something you want to carry on this way.

Let me know if you have any first date advice, I would love to hear it!


Soph xxx





I woke up this morning to 100 followers. I know in the grand scheme of blogging terms that isn’t a huge number but I cannot believe 100 people read/like my posts! It makes me so happy and I want to thank you all 🙂

If there are any blog posts you would be interested in me writing about please do let me know! I have a big list of posts coming soon!

Thanks again ❤


Soph xxx

Teaday Tuesday!

Teaday Tuesday!

Hello everybody!

Sorry it’s been so long, promise I won’t leave it this long again. Lots oof good things are happening so I’ll be writing lots of blog posts to share at a later date.

Back to the topic at hand; tea.

So like most of the people I know, I have felt a bit under the weather, just a bit snotty, sore throat and blocked nose. I also tend to feel very sorry for myself when I am even slightly ill, so I have lots of back up remedies for a case just like this. So along with the typical beechams and soothers, I swear by Twinings Soothing Camomile and Honey tea. I have always got this when I feel a bit groggy, and I can honestly say it works every time.


So this tea is quite mild in my opinion, you can taste the honey but not too much, and the camomile is just enough. I’m not a huge fan of ‘herby’ teas, but I really like drinking this one. It soothes my throat and generally relaxes me. I drink a cup in the morning which helps me perk up, and as it is naturally caffeine free I have a cup before bed and I’m out like a light.

Does anybody else drink this tea if they are feeling a bit poorly? What are your remedies?


Sophie xxx


Ten Sentences That Changed My Perspective on Life

Ten Sentences That Changed My Perspective on Life

Hello everybody,

Having gone through some pretty tough times recently, one thing that has given me a bit of strength is looking at the quotes I believe have altered or affected my life in some way. Through relationships breaking down, my lovely Granny being in hospital and huge changes in terms of moving back to my parent’s house, now is as good a time as ever to remind myself of how great life can be.


‘Always remember that, nine times out of ten, you probably aren’t having a nervous breakdown, you just need a cup of tea and a biscuit.’

‘You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.’


‘Time heals everything. Give it time.’

‘It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself.’


‘If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.’



I truly believe in channeling your emotions and turning whatever you feel – anger, sadness, grief, frustration amongst so many other feelings, into positive thoughts. Granted these quotes have not been the sole reason I am feeling particularly happy right now, but I feel they have helped me prioritize what is important in my life. I have also been thoroughly enjoying hour long commutes to work singing the Taylor Swift ‘1989’ album; the ultimate break up record, I have been drinking copious amounts of tea, baking and eating yummy cakes, and smothering and surrounding myself with family and friends.

 10731059_10154833871825232_8323813646657840157_n 10502073_10154833875705232_879347561817980038_n 10426729_10154833873930232_4750968039570394038_n 10653850_10154833875280232_2851984196898719192_n 10373635_10154833874815232_7715269617774359448_n

Here’s to happiness.


Sophie xxx