Tips for Valentine’s Day <3

Tips for Valentine’s Day <3


Everybody has a different opinion on Valentine’s day. Whether you’re loved up and really want to treat your partner, or loving the single life; it was created to celebrate love.

Either way, if celebrating Valentine’s day it should be completely personal to your relationship. It should be reflective of how well you know your partner, and a way to cherish and celebrate your precious shared moments.

That said, V day is also different for us all depending on what stage of a relationship we are in. For a new couple who have recently said those three magical words, you may feel like making the most of it with a slap up meal followed by an intimate massage and extravagant gifts. For those who have been together for years, you may feel as though a takeaway would be just what you need and simply appreciate the time spent together. Whatever you decide as a couple is perfectly acceptable. Nobody made a specific set of rules to follow for this day (or any day) so enjoy it with your loved one!

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Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Take your date for a walk in the countryside

Go for afternoon tea

Go Iceskating

Book a relaxing spa day and unwind together

Have breakfast in bed

Build a fort and watch films all day

Draw a candle lit bath for your partner (and join them if you’d like)

If you live together write lots of romantic notes and hide them all over the house

Create a photobook filled with memories you’ve made together, and leave space for all the wonderful memories you’re yet to make

Order a takeaway


Make your Valentine’s Day personal and whatever you decide to do, love the one you are with 🙂


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