Ice skating – my new hobby?

Ice skating – my new hobby?

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Hello everybody! I do hope you are all enjoying the festive season as much as I am. I feel like I’ve come pretty late in the game; I haven’t felt particularly festive until now.

All because I did what everybody should do during the Christmas season: I went Ice Skating.

Having lived in Nottingham since 2007, I know it pretty much like the back of my hand now, and every year I’ve enjoyed the ice rink and the Christmas market they put up every year.

My best friend Laura wanted to do something exciting for her birthday, so off we went to the ice rink.

After what can only be described as trapped i n a small hut while people put their boots on,  we were finally released onto the ice. I must admit that after a few attempts at ‘barely’  skating, I took my time and enjoyed the scenery, from the edge of the rink. As I held on for dear life.


Even though it is  obvious I won’t be taking up a career in figure skating any time soon; I had such a wonderful time. There is just something magical about the twinkling lights, Christmas music, laughter and singing with good friends. It really puts into perspective how I feel about Christmas; which is to be surrounded by friends and family and relaxing, being happy together.


I would recommend ice skating to you all, and even if you aren’t great, you can always stand at the side with a mulled wine and giggle at the people that are either awful and know it, or the ones who think they are great and spectacularly fall! It’s all in good fun, and there is a lovely communal  feeling about it all, let’s all share in our wobbly legs and bottom flips.

10559886_10155016815270232_231865473717998303_n10393980_10155016815950232_7419415645720732074_nI wish you all a Merry Christmas, and feel truly grateful for all the people who read this blog, I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy reading yours.


Sophie xxxx



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