The Wonder of a Best Friend.

The Wonder of a Best Friend.


I am one of those lucky people. Whilst I have many friends, I have a handful of the most wonderful friends who I value and adore individually and as a group of people I love.
My friends come in many different forms. My family, my best friend, my beautiful girls from Nottingham, friends I met in Australia, old school friends, work friends and more. Each person in my life brings so much and all I can hope for is that I show my love and appreciation for them all.

In the crazy mass of life, it is so easy to plunge into the darkness and forget you have your support system right there, you just need to remember that. In that friendship you will find a loyal, non judgemental person, who will love you no matter what.

There are times you don’t want to be given advice, times you really need it, and your friend won’t always get it right. But they are here for you. If you need that helping hand, they would drop everything to be there and help.

I hope I speak for everyone when I say that laughter is a huge part of a friendship. I am a positive person and I can’t remember a day where I haven’t laughed my head off when I’ve been with friends.

Some people say that a true friendship is how long you have known them. In some cases this may be true but some of my friends I have known my whole life, some a few years and some are very recent new friends. I value them all the same. It doesn’t matter how long you have known them, it’s the quality of the friendship. The honesty, loyalty, trust.

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are. And today I want to show my appreciation and love for all of my friends. I love you all ❤ Spend time with your friends, make the effort to be there for them. Text them, call them, write to them, hug them, tell them how much you love them.


Sophie xxx



2 thoughts on “The Wonder of a Best Friend.

  1. Nice perspective on friendship, I totally agree with you that true friendship is not how long but rather the quality of the friendship – The honesty, loyalty, trust as you well put it. However, I believe that the quality of friendship can only be fully ascertained mostly in situations which test honesty, loyalty and trust. I speak from experience, some years back, I made a bad financial investment which negatively impacted my financial status, and before one would say “Jack Robinson,” some people I thought were my “good” friends when things were rosy, soon avoided me like a plague. Fair weather friends!!!


  2. I completely agree with you, and I am open to the idea of dynamics of friendship changing. When I moved back home from Nottingham, one of my friends changed, it was like she had decided once I moved that was it. Later I found out that my success had rattled her, and looking back at all of the times I cried, struggling to understand why and how I had lost such a good friend; I realise that it’s ok, friends are a bit like relationships in that way. Sometimes they end.
    Thank you for your lovely detailed comment 🙂 xx

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