Back to Blogging – Few random bits!

Back to Blogging – Few random bits!

Hello everybody!

Wow- I can’t even begin to describe how busy I have been the past couple of weeks; work, university work, and to top it off I have had the worst cold in the history of mankind over the week I was due a huge deadline.

But I am alive to tell tale and that is the important thing. I’ve come to realise that even in the toughest times as long as you have a smile on your face and keep reminding yourself what you are working so hard for, anything is possible. This may have been a tough, stressful and horrid few weeks but I can now say I have had a huge amount of happy moments.

10312663_10154940177855232_7488213640519505616_nI made a badass carrot cake.

1377288_10154940177590232_6149416367098999312_n 10653548_10154940177700232_7435444098161816039_n

I  have managed to spend a lovely few days with my Mum drinking Christmas drinks and enjoying the lovely bacon, brie and cranberry panninis Costa have to offer! (I highly recommend!)


I put up my Christmas tree in my room woohoo! I also put up my favourite Christmas decoration and it made me all nostalgic; I hold Sydney, Australia very close to my heart and putting this decoration up bought back some unforgettable amazing memories.


Yes fog is an absolute nightmare, but I just love this weather. I get up very early for work due to a long commute so it’s mostly dark when I leave and dark when I return. But it all adds to the Wintery feeling, the twinkly lights are so lovely they make me smile every time 🙂

10173719_10154940244510232_7135222098134635476_n 10407762_10154940244670232_8402061184173339407_n 10525746_10154505213720232_7567052394785119431_n

On top of all my long tiring work days followed by hours of writing up my assignments I love to have a snuggle with my little chum Molly. She is quite possibly the love of my life. Ha.

I’ve probably spent most of my rest time in  bed/in my pyjamas and at last I feel like the stress has lifted slightly, and I can start to actually blog again! On Friday I went out with the girls for a curry, I then spent an absolute fortune over the weekend buying Christmas presents too oops!

I also found out my blogger pair for A Piece of Viola‘s Christmas Blogger Swap and I’m excited to get to know her and hopefully get her a lovely present 🙂 Anyone else who is signed up to this let me know!

And finally I promise to do another Teaday Tuesday ❤



Sophie xxxx


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