Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

Christmas Blogger Gift Swap


Hello everybody! Hope you all had a smashing Christmas.

Back in November I wrote this post telling you all about Viola’s gift swap which she had organised. Time has absolutely flown and it is now time to write about the gifts I received.
I was paired with the lovely Rachel of Rachel Tries Life, and already being a follower of her blog I was very chuffed!

I received her package in the most beautiful golden glittery box, which in itself is a lovely keepsake!

DSCN0643Before we even get to what’s inside, in terms of presentation, this has to be one of the nicest gifts I have received!

10882364_10155050137965232_6192770818651809953_n 10891695_10155050138290232_549433846725515163_n

I’ll be honest and say I opened the box before Christmas Day, however I didt open any of the presents. I was just so excited to open it! But my self control was on top form and I managed to wait until Christmas Day!

So here we are, my wonderful gifts from Rachel:

DSCN0642I can safely say I adore every single gift Rachel sent me. They include Twinings Spicy Chai tea and Twinings Smoky Lapsang tea, Waitrose All butter Early Grey and Lemon shortbreads (which taste phenomenal). I also got a Next perfume in ‘Cashmere’, an NYC Expert Last nail polish, some chocolate gold coins, and last but not least a beautiful necklace! I’m wearing it today 🙂

This present is fabulous and in the whole process I feel like I’ve made a blogger friend in Rachel. Thank you to Viola for organising this event, I hope there is another one next year.

To all my fellow bloggers, I hope you all enjoyed your gift swaps too!

See you soon,

Sophie xxx

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of the beautiful people who read my blog. Starting this blog was one of the best decisions I’ve made; introducing me to new friends who I hope will be mine for life. For that I am truly grateful.

Have a fabulous day.


Sophie xxx




Teaday Tuesday!

Teaday Tuesday!


Hello everybody 🙂

As I was in the health shop I came across this little treasure and I’m so glad I decided to try it!

One of my favourite flavours is coconut, so you can imagine my glee when I saw this tea sitting on the shelf much like a queen sitting in her throne.

It’s Green tea with coconut!


As described on the packaging, this tea is an ‘exotic combination of green tea and coconut with delicate lychee’.

When I first brewed the tea, I wasn’t hugely impressed by the scent it gave off, I couldn’t detect the coconut it had promised me. But like all tea, the taste is always so different to the smell.

What I found was this tea was soft, smooth and full of different flavours, all so delicate they weren’t overpowering.

I loved that I could taste coconut ever so gently, and I could taste the lychee which was very subtle. This tea made me feel warm inside and comforted, like I had a big fluffy blanket warming me right to my insides. Normally I stick to green tea in summer but this is definitely an all rounder.

I can even say that this tea has so many health benefits which all tie into green tea.

Just a couple of benefits of green tea:

  • metabolism speeds up
  • contains antioxidants and so detoxes your body
  • soothes acne
  • natural caffeine gives you energy

So give it a whirl, it’s worth it! And so cheap at £3!

Let me know if you have ever tried a tea with a coconut flavour, I’m intrigued to see if there are more gooduns!


Sophie xx


Ice skating – my new hobby?

Ice skating – my new hobby?

  10363622_10155016817140232_4963350816233583250_n   10885515_10155016817660232_1288478827405342951_n

Hello everybody! I do hope you are all enjoying the festive season as much as I am. I feel like I’ve come pretty late in the game; I haven’t felt particularly festive until now.

All because I did what everybody should do during the Christmas season: I went Ice Skating.

Having lived in Nottingham since 2007, I know it pretty much like the back of my hand now, and every year I’ve enjoyed the ice rink and the Christmas market they put up every year.

My best friend Laura wanted to do something exciting for her birthday, so off we went to the ice rink.

After what can only be described as trapped i n a small hut while people put their boots on,  we were finally released onto the ice. I must admit that after a few attempts at ‘barely’  skating, I took my time and enjoyed the scenery, from the edge of the rink. As I held on for dear life.


Even though it is  obvious I won’t be taking up a career in figure skating any time soon; I had such a wonderful time. There is just something magical about the twinkling lights, Christmas music, laughter and singing with good friends. It really puts into perspective how I feel about Christmas; which is to be surrounded by friends and family and relaxing, being happy together.


I would recommend ice skating to you all, and even if you aren’t great, you can always stand at the side with a mulled wine and giggle at the people that are either awful and know it, or the ones who think they are great and spectacularly fall! It’s all in good fun, and there is a lovely communal  feeling about it all, let’s all share in our wobbly legs and bottom flips.

10559886_10155016815270232_231865473717998303_n10393980_10155016815950232_7419415645720732074_nI wish you all a Merry Christmas, and feel truly grateful for all the people who read this blog, I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy reading yours.


Sophie xxxx


What To Do On The First Date

What To Do On The First Date


As a single 25 year old woman, the idea of a committed, settled relationship really appeals to me. Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy, my life is good, I love my job, my family, my friends but there are times when I wish I had somebody by my side to share my experiences with.

To get to that stage I have to get through the unpredictability and excitement of ‘dating’.

So this post is to all my fellow single ladies out there, with a bit of advice I’ve learnt particularly about that very first date.

Where should the first date be?

Steer clear of ‘interview’ dates. These include going out for dinner or a drink at a bar. With these types of dates typically you are sitting opposite your date and it naturally turns into both parties throwing questions at each other. You don’t want to interrogate your date, you want to get to know them!
Go for a stroll, go to a museum, crazy golf; pick somewhere you can walk and talk at the same time at a leisurely pace. The first date is all about a shared experience between the two of you, and the connection. Make memories together from the first date.

Talk about yourself but don’t forget your manners

Accept compliments and feel free to talk about your achievements, but remember to keep the share of attention equal between the two of you. Be polite and considerate; make your date feel welcomed and feel like they can confide in you.


Dates are supposed to be fun, so don’t worry if you accidently drop your drink. As long as you can laugh about it and don’t make too big a deal and get embarrassed, your date will see how relaxed you are. Remember you’re human, and it’s probably not half as dramatic as you think!

Body Language

Experts say you decide if you are attracted to someone on that first date. More specifically, in the first few minutes. Body language plays a huge part in this. Open up; don’t cross your arms, smile and talk with your hands. You will appear approachable and welcoming, making himfeel much more relaxed. Mirror his body language; if he tucks his hair behind his ear, do the same but subtly. Mirroring body language comes across as complimentary of his actions, they always say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Be Positive

A positive attitude is the most important thing to take with you on your first date. Don’t forget to smile! Pay your date compliments; ask questions and act interested if you are. Talk about things you have in common; remember if the emotional connection is there it will become obvious and you won’t have to force anything.

Saying goodbye

If you want to see them again, let them know. Forget the ‘rules’; ask him on another date! If you are interested, don’t end it on a hug, have a cheeky kiss. Let it happen. Your actions on the first date will establish whether this is a romantic connection and something you want to carry on this way.

Let me know if you have any first date advice, I would love to hear it!


Soph xxx


Teaday Tuesday

Teaday Tuesday


Hello everybody!

Firstly let me say thank you to the lovely people who read this, I started this blog as a way to write about what I love, particularly to keep me sane through my postgrad. It’s purely based on my own interests so to see people read my posts is really lovely. Enough of the sop now, I promise 🙂

On to the tea!

So this week has really taken a turn for the worse; frosty mornings and short days surrounded by darkness. I have spent a fair few hours in the cold waiting for trains, playing outside with the children at nursery and walking the dogs, and one thing that makes it more bearable is a lovely steaming drink to warm my cockles!

This week I have been loving Tesco Finest’s Vanilla Chai tea.

10858398_10154968270500232_7155193680180473831_nI first discovered this tea in Australia. I’d popped round to my gorgeous friend Nichole’s little place in Bronte and we were having a girly chill night. She made me a cup of tea (in the microwave, she didn’t have a kettle ha) and instantly I was in love. With the tea.

Today I chose to enjoy this tea as I was snuggled in bed reading The Hunger Games yet again, along with cuddling my lovely dog Molly. Heaven.

This tea is best without milk, and is definitely better from a teapot, as most teas are. It’s a very fragrant tea, and I would say it has a bit of spice to it which is why it’s perfect on a cold Winter’s night. The vanilla flavour is very subtle but takes it to a slightly sweeter taste, to take the edge off the spice.

If they bottle the smell of this drink, or made a candle with the scent I would buy it in a flash; to me it smells like Christmas time: cinnamon, star of anise, a distinct Wintery scent.

I would recommend this tea to those who like a herbal black tea, maybe you like green tea, or even lapsang souchong.

If you have tried this do let me know  what you thought 😀


Soph xxx





I woke up this morning to 100 followers. I know in the grand scheme of blogging terms that isn’t a huge number but I cannot believe 100 people read/like my posts! It makes me so happy and I want to thank you all 🙂

If there are any blog posts you would be interested in me writing about please do let me know! I have a big list of posts coming soon!

Thanks again ❤


Soph xxx