Teaday Tuesday!

Teaday Tuesday!

Hello everybody!

Sorry it’s been so long, promise I won’t leave it this long again. Lots oof good things are happening so I’ll be writing lots of blog posts to share at a later date.

Back to the topic at hand; tea.

So like most of the people I know, I have felt a bit under the weather, just a bit snotty, sore throat and blocked nose. I also tend to feel very sorry for myself when I am even slightly ill, so I have lots of back up remedies for a case just like this. So along with the typical beechams and soothers, I swear by Twinings Soothing Camomile and Honey tea. I have always got this when I feel a bit groggy, and I can honestly say it works every time.


So this tea is quite mild in my opinion, you can taste the honey but not too much, and the camomile is just enough. I’m not a huge fan of ‘herby’ teas, but I really like drinking this one. It soothes my throat and generally relaxes me. I drink a cup in the morning which helps me perk up, and as it is naturally caffeine free I have a cup before bed and I’m out like a light.

Does anybody else drink this tea if they are feeling a bit poorly? What are your remedies?


Sophie xxx



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