Tea Day Tuesday!

Tea Day Tuesday!


Hello everybody!

I must apologise for the absence of Tea Day Tuesday last week; I was going through one of the busiest weeks of my life, with uni and work and general life I just couldn’t fit it in! However, we’re back with a bang and hopefully this will be a nice one and we’ll forget about that missed week.

So the weekend just gone I happened to go to London to see a very dear person in my life, and each time I visit we always end up drinking copious amounts of tea and eating lots and lots of yummy things. Through my visits to London over the years we’ve done so many touristy things but when asked what I wanted to do this weekend, I instantly said ‘Harrods!’

I just love to go to Harrods. We had so much fun walking around browsing the luxuries. I got a cheeky little lipstick from MAC and we spent what seemed like forever in the Christmas store! Once we felt we’d had enough we headed to the Tearoom for a cuppa.

With some renowned ‘Afternoon Tea’ places in London you would be lucky to drop in without booking. However we waited for about five-ten minutes and were soon seated. Even while we were waiting it felt like the staff were looking after us, they handed us menus, talked about the cakes available and reassured us we wouldn’t wait for long. I for one really appreciated that.

Now I can’t sit here and write about the full Afternoon tea package as we only had a pot of tea. But the people sat around me had some lovely things! A trio of American housewives were enjoying a gossip over champagne afternoon tea with sandwiches, scones and fancies. A couple of friends were enjoying a catch up whilst sharing a sticky toffee pudding which looked incredible. A mother and son were sharing a choice of fancies and caught me staring more than once with my mouth open!

If you want to have a sneak peek at the menu look here.

I went for a traditional English Breakfast tea and my my, it was beautiful. Brewed to perfection and presented in silverware, I don’t really have much more to say. I thoroughly enjoyed the tea and while I love all kinds of flavours, the traditional tea was the perfect choice. The value for money is good, I think you are paying for not only the quality of the product but the fantastic service. I couldn’t help but think that while the Tearoom was full the whole time, the staff were engaging, welcoming and catered for every need of all I could see, some needs a lot higher than others.


Have a look at the website here and whether you are local or not, I would highly recommend a visit!

You can also buy Harrods tea here.

If you have ever experienced Afternoon Tea at Harrods, in  London, or anywhere you really loved, please let me know I am always looking for places to visit. And if you enjoyed this post leave a comment  🙂

See you soon,


Sophie xxx


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