Bucket List 2014

Bucket List 2014

So anybody who knows me knows how much I love a list. There is something about getting the information out of my head and onto paper in a nice list that gives me great satisfaction and allows me to organise my thoughts. M beautiful bestie Laura gave me a lovely book as a present a while back called ‘My Future Listography: All I Hope To Do in Lists’ you can have a gander at it here.

In this lovely book are lots of things to write lists about; such as ‘List recipes you want to try’, ‘List places you could see yourself living’ and ‘List habits to break’ among plenty of others. So every now and then I like to fill in a list and add more to current ones, and looking through the book I came across the bucket list I made just as we started 2014. So I thought I would show the lovely people who read this and I’ll put the things I have achieved in bold, then I know which ones I still have left to do before 2015!


Bake a coconut cake
Bake a chocolate banana loaf
Knit a scarf
Move house (blog post coming soon)
Write a children’s story
Go on a bike ride
Try zumba
Watch a musical in the theatre
Book a skiing holiday
Start a blog
See Beyonce
See Mcbusted
Go to Scotland again
Volunteer as  dog walker
Go ice skating
Read at least 10 books I’ve never read before
Watch at least 10 films I’ve never seen before
Smile at five strangers
Make a youtube video
Learn something new


The list isn’t too long but then this way it’s all achievable, and I still have a few to complete before the end of December which isn’t too far away! I would love to see if anybody is working through their own bucket list and what kinds of things they have on it? I’m already looking forward to writing a brand new one for next year.

Soph xx




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