Tea Day Tuesday!

Tea Day Tuesday!


Hello everybody!

I must apologise for the absence of Tea Day Tuesday last week; I was going through one of the busiest weeks of my life, with uni and work and general life I just couldn’t fit it in! However, we’re back with a bang and hopefully this will be a nice one and we’ll forget about that missed week.

So the weekend just gone I happened to go to London to see a very dear person in my life, and each time I visit we always end up drinking copious amounts of tea and eating lots and lots of yummy things. Through my visits to London over the years we’ve done so many touristy things but when asked what I wanted to do this weekend, I instantly said ‘Harrods!’

I just love to go to Harrods. We had so much fun walking around browsing the luxuries. I got a cheeky little lipstick from MAC and we spent what seemed like forever in the Christmas store! Once we felt we’d had enough we headed to the Tearoom for a cuppa.

With some renowned ‘Afternoon Tea’ places in London you would be lucky to drop in without booking. However we waited for about five-ten minutes and were soon seated. Even while we were waiting it felt like the staff were looking after us, they handed us menus, talked about the cakes available and reassured us we wouldn’t wait for long. I for one really appreciated that.

Now I can’t sit here and write about the full Afternoon tea package as we only had a pot of tea. But the people sat around me had some lovely things! A trio of American housewives were enjoying a gossip over champagne afternoon tea with sandwiches, scones and fancies. A couple of friends were enjoying a catch up whilst sharing a sticky toffee pudding which looked incredible. A mother and son were sharing a choice of fancies and caught me staring more than once with my mouth open!

If you want to have a sneak peek at the menu look here.

I went for a traditional English Breakfast tea and my my, it was beautiful. Brewed to perfection and presented in silverware, I don’t really have much more to say. I thoroughly enjoyed the tea and while I love all kinds of flavours, the traditional tea was the perfect choice. The value for money is good, I think you are paying for not only the quality of the product but the fantastic service. I couldn’t help but think that while the Tearoom was full the whole time, the staff were engaging, welcoming and catered for every need of all I could see, some needs a lot higher than others.


Have a look at the website here and whether you are local or not, I would highly recommend a visit!

You can also buy Harrods tea here.

If you have ever experienced Afternoon Tea at Harrods, in  London, or anywhere you really loved, please let me know I am always looking for places to visit. And if you enjoyed this post leave a comment  🙂

See you soon,


Sophie xxx

20 Facts About Me

20 Facts About Me

Hello again ❤

As I sit here on my lonesome on a Friday Night I was dabbling with the idea of writing a blog post, and I realise that while I happily write here and assume people know all about me, I haven’t shared much about myself! So here’s 20 facts about me.

1. I am 25 years old.

2. I have never broken a bone.

3. I feel like I can honestly say if you are part of my small friendship group, I am fiercely loyal.

4. I get anxious about ridiculous things, and worry way too much about what people think of me.

5. I am very close to my family, they are my favourite people, including all our animals 😛


6. My favourite film is Hercules, the Disney one.

7. I will drink tea over any other beverage. Ever.

8. In 2012 I spent six months in Sydney, Australia working as an Au Pair. The friends I made there are friends for life. They got me through so much and I will look back at our time together with a warm heart.

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9. My car is called Claude.

10. I would rather spend a night eating amazing food either in or at a restaurant than have a night out.

11. I absolutely love to bake.

12. I am training to be an Early Years Teacher.

13. I  love to knit.


14. I love to read – mostly romantic stories. or cookbooks.

15. When I was little I did a handstand at school, my arm caved in underneath me and I landed on my face. I looked like two face. Thank goodness it didn’t scar!

16. Rhubarb makes me projectile vom.

17. I adore Beyonce.

18. I paint, and if I love you, I’ve probably painted something for you.

19. I was called Phoebe when I was born, then it changed to Sophie. My mum calls me a combination of the two: Spheeb.

20. I am addicted to beauty and lifestyle blogs and love the community, and I would love to make some life long friends here 🙂

All the people who read this I challenge you to write 20 facts about yourself!


Sophie xxx

Tea Day Tuesday!

Tea Day Tuesday!


Hello again!

Wow hasn’t that week gone quick! It’s time for another Tea day Tuesday woohoo!

This week I decided to try an Earl Grey. This particular Earl Grey I bought from a lovely little stall at the King’s Road Market in London during a visit earlier in the year. The shop is called Yumchaa, they have a website so give them a little look here. I spent ages at the stall smelling all the different types of tea and fell in love with each and every one, but this one really stood out to me.


The tea is called ‘Earl Grey Blue Star’, and it has bergamot, cornflowers, blue mallow flowers and keemun* black tea. I brewed it for roughly two minutes, and although some tea lovers like a splash of milk in their early grey, I decided to have it without, purely to get the most out of the flavours.

*Keemun black tea is a hugely popular tea from the Eastern province of Anhui, a traditional mellow Chinese tea.

DSCN0558 DSCN0559

Before pouring the water in I had to take a little picture of the tea itself; the little blue flowers and the little buds are so bright and it looks magical before it’s even brewed!

Once brewed, I have to admit I took some time to breathe in the beautiful scents; I’d had a stressful drive back from work and for some reason the aromatic flowery smells just relaxed me. It has a sweet fruity scent; you can really pick out the citrus smell, and the flowery vibes come out in little pockets, it’s lovely. Just by the smell, it’s a great Autumnal tea.

So how does it taste?
I can really taste the bergamot, it’s mildly flowery but it isn’t over powering. I got a very slight nutty hint, which resides from the keemun tea. I would say another minute to brew wouldn’t do any harm and it might bring out a little more flavour. Although this tea has enough body to have a splash of milk, I prefer it without.

To say I was a tad stressed when I arrived home, you wouldn’t know after I’d finished my tea. I immediately felt relaxed and could feel the tension leaving my body with every sip. They say Earl Grey is a happy tea; a tea that brings out your best mood. I think they’re right, whoever they are.

To all the tea lovers out there:

Have you tried this tea? What did you think?

What is your favourite Autumnal tea?

See you next week ❤


Sophie xxx

Tea Day Tuesday!

Tea Day Tuesday!


Hello again!

As I was drinking a lovely cup of tea, I was thinking about all the things I love about tea; not just this particular mug, but most cups I drink! I love to try all types of tea, and it is definitely one of my biggest loves. And so, Tea Day Tuesday is born. I thought it would be pretty cool to review/talk about a different tea every Tuesday, I know a lot of other bloggers  love tea too so my ideal result would be to recommend lots of types of tea and also become part of a community of tea bloggers!

I will eventually write a lovely long post about my love for tea and my favourite tea shops/cafes etc, but for now I’ll write a little bit about the tea I’ve had today.


So this tea I got from The Cake and Bake Show. While we were there my friend Laura and I went to a tea tasting class, hosted by Alison Appleton, where we had the chance to taste all kinds of tea, and learn a little more about how it is made and where it comes from. One particular tea really stood out to me, and this one is called ‘Marie Antionette’s Tea‘. This tea is a Chinese black tea made with bouquet of rose, jasmine, ginger, vanilla and cardamom. This tea was made with one heaped teaspoon and almost boiled water. It was then brewed for three minutes.




I absolutely adore this tea. It smells amazingly fresh, sweet but not sickly; it’s great to have whilst reading a book, knitting or to have with a piece  of cake.

Flavour wise this tea is refreshingly sweet, I can taste a hint of vanilla, and a light fruity undertone as I  drink it. Although this tea comes across as a summery one, I’m really excited to drink this tea wrapped in a blanket reading my favourite book, with lovely Wintery candles flickering around me. I couldn’t really taste the ginger which is probably a good thing; I’m not really keen on ginger! The main sense of flavour I got was light, fruity, summery, and sweet without being overpowering.


Let me know if you have any favourite teas I could try, and if anybody has tried this tea let me know what you think!


Soph xx

Bucket List 2014

Bucket List 2014

So anybody who knows me knows how much I love a list. There is something about getting the information out of my head and onto paper in a nice list that gives me great satisfaction and allows me to organise my thoughts. M beautiful bestie Laura gave me a lovely book as a present a while back called ‘My Future Listography: All I Hope To Do in Lists’ you can have a gander at it here.

In this lovely book are lots of things to write lists about; such as ‘List recipes you want to try’, ‘List places you could see yourself living’ and ‘List habits to break’ among plenty of others. So every now and then I like to fill in a list and add more to current ones, and looking through the book I came across the bucket list I made just as we started 2014. So I thought I would show the lovely people who read this and I’ll put the things I have achieved in bold, then I know which ones I still have left to do before 2015!


Bake a coconut cake
Bake a chocolate banana loaf
Knit a scarf
Move house (blog post coming soon)
Write a children’s story
Go on a bike ride
Try zumba
Watch a musical in the theatre
Book a skiing holiday
Start a blog
See Beyonce
See Mcbusted
Go to Scotland again
Volunteer as  dog walker
Go ice skating
Read at least 10 books I’ve never read before
Watch at least 10 films I’ve never seen before
Smile at five strangers
Make a youtube video
Learn something new


The list isn’t too long but then this way it’s all achievable, and I still have a few to complete before the end of December which isn’t too far away! I would love to see if anybody is working through their own bucket list and what kinds of things they have on it? I’m already looking forward to writing a brand new one for next year.

Soph xx