My favourite book: August

My favourite book: August

DSCN0532[1]I can’t lie, when looking for a new book to read I normally look for something girly, pretty and possibly have something to do with moving to live somewhere in the countryside or beach, and preferably have an element of baking.

This book clearly had me hooked before I even read the blurb.

Long story short, Polly and her boyfriend live and work in the city; once their relationship and business fall through hard times, Polly takes the opportunity to up and move to a quiet bit of seaside in Cornwall, rent a shabby old house and get away from it all.

Through her love for baking she soon makes friends and starts to build up her life and her passion for baking… I’ll let you find out the rest.

This story means so much to me I could read it all over again, I can relate to Polly so much, and I actually feel like my life is quite close to her own situation. Like Polly I flee from scary and stressful situations, I want to bury my head in the sand and start again somewhere new. I adore baking and this book enlightened and reminded me of this, as soon as I had finished reading, I baked a loaf of bread. (Turned out pretty yummy too!)

I would recommend anybody who loves a good lighthearted story with a wonderfully positive and feel good ending, it wasn’t at all how I expected it to be!

Jenny Colgan’s writing is beautiful and I am now on Amazon purchasing a few more!

Five hearts


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